Ronan Alexander O'Leary

    Ronan O'Leary

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    Ronan Alexander O'Leary

    Post by Ronan O'Leary on Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:00 am


    RONAN looks an awful lot like ROBERT HICKS

    RONAN's appearance: 5' 10", blue eyes, brown hair

    RONAN's past: Growing up, Ronan always thought he was different. When the other boys his age were playing sports or picking on girls, he was singing and performing. From dance to acting, he loved being in the spot light. His parents liked to stick with the whole gender role thing. His mother was the perfect little house wife while his father went out to work on the farms of Annerb to put bread on the table. They didn't like that Ronan was always participating in such feminine things, so they usually forced him to play sports with the other boys. He was never really good at it, and got picked on by his peers a lot. For a lot of his childhood, Ronan was depressed because he felt as if not even his own family accepted him. The only person he truly got along with was his younger sister. She never cared about how different Ronan was, and in fact loved having a brother she could share similar interests with.
    When Ronan started becoming more curious about sex, he realized that he didn't want to practice kissing with girls, he wanted to practice kissing with boys. When he was thirteen he finally mustered up his courage and came out as gay to his family. His sister didn't care, but his parents and the rest of his family were ashamed and threw him out into the streets. Unsettled, young, and alone, Ronan had nowhere else to go but the orphanage in Lilycove. There he felt more love and acceptance than his family ever gave him, not including his sister. It was here where he met his best friend Tinley. Despite his troubled past, Ronan did and still tries to keep a positive outlook on life. Although he's had a pretty decent life in the orphanage, he's lost all ties to his sister due to his family's hatred.

    RONAN's present: Ronan settled a little later than most clio do a little while after he turned eighteen. He use to live at the orphanage, but now that he's settled he can no longer stay. Luckily, he's already gotten a job and apartment set up for him in the city of Dahlin. He hopes that when Tinley settles she can move in with him. Although he's working as a stock boy in a bookstore, his true dream is to become an actor. He still loves to perform in plays, especially musicals, and he would like to maybe even open a dance studio one day. His  dreams are a bit big for a small clio, but he's determined.


    RONAN's other half: BIRDIE

    BIRDIE is a LADY

    RONAN & BIRDIE are played by Snowball

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    Re: Ronan Alexander O'Leary

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    congratulations ! you've settled as a

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