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    Post by Tinley Ryan on Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:29 pm

    Tinley Eliza Ryan 2myrdy9

    unsettled | sixteen | lady

    Tinley looks an awful lot like Stasia Tomasek

    Tinley's appearance: 5'3", gray eyes, blonde hair.

    Tinley's past: Tinley was born to a mother who couldn't keep her, for whatever reason. Unceremoniously, she was dropped off at the orphanage in an open wooden crate. Little to nothing is known about Tinley's past or biological family. She was left only with a blanket (which has now been cut up, a piece of it sitting in Tinley's pocket). The staff at the orphanage gave her her name, Tinley, because she showed up near Ahtnamas, and the name sounded like tinsel. Her last name, Ryan, came from a logo on the box she was found in.

    As Tinley grew up she watched many of her peers get adopted and always wondered why no one was choosing her. At first she would get really upset about it, but soon she tried to force herself to not care. She started pretending to be really tough so that she could give herself an explanation as to why families didn't want her, instead of thinking it was really because of her. Even though the Flint Orphanage gave Tinley food and shelter, she always found herself wanting more.

    She started stealing from the market places, and was caught more than once and returned to FO. She kept being threatened with jail time, which scared her more than she let on, but because she was unsettled, they just kept giving her probation.

    When she was twelve Tinley met her future best friend, Ronan. Soon they were inseparable, though he didn't agree with Tinley's attitude on life, or her actions.

    Tinley's present: Tinley is now sixteen, and has been living without Ronan for the past few months, since he settled. She has few friends at the orphanage, but finds herself taking care of some of the younger children.

    She hopes to settle soon so that she can go live with her best friend, but she is also scared to leave the only home she has ever known. Though she has a tough exterior, she harbors a secret love and admiration for the clio who work at the Flint Orphanage. She owes them everything, and she knows it.

    Tinley described in five words: adaptable, cynical, independent, resourceful, misleading

    Tinley's other half: Ravka

    Ravka is a boyo

    Tinley & Ravka are played by Sam

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