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    Amerie Lux

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    Amerie Lila Lux

    Post by Amerie Lux on Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:29 pm

    solas | sixteen | female

    Amerie looks an awful lot like Sarah Bolger

    Amerie's appearance: 5'2", pale blue eyes, brown hair.

    Amerie's past: Amerie grew up in a very strict household in Dian. Ever since she can remember, her parents have trained her to become "The Best Overloridian Possible". This meant that Amerie was not allowed to play with other clio her age, and was often kept inside or with a tutor. While the other children in Amelia attend Red Fern Academy, Amerie was kept at home, in Dian, with her parents to be home schooled. She was taught how to be a proper young lady, and learned each year about politics. She wasn't taught about all sides of politics of course, only the right side. Which happened to lean pretty far to the right, if you know what I'm sayin'.

    Amerie's present: Last week, Amerie finally settled. All her life she has been trained how to run an entire Eilemaiden the "right" way, but, as Amerie is slowly finding out, her parents and tutors weren't exactly Overloridian pros, themselves. Ruling an Eilemaiden is nothing like what she was expecting, and the last few days have been spent hyperventilating in her room when she wasn't needed elsewhere. Feeling unsure of herself and talking herself through panic attacks are Amerie's new hobbies, and it doesn't help that her parents won't leave her alone. She may have settled already, but Amerie has a lot to discover about herself, and her role on Amelia.

    Amerie described in five words: cautious, quiet, caring, fastidious, lonely

    Amerie's other half: Caviar

    Caviar is a male

    Amerie & Caviar are played by Sam

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    Re: Amerie Lila Lux

    Post by Admin on Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:54 pm

    congratulations ! you've settled as a

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