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    Caleb Maxon Snow

    Post by Caleb Snow on Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:14 am

    dian | eighteen | male

    Caleb looks an awful lot like Caleb Ruminer

    Caleb's appearance: 5'11", blue eyes, blonde hair.

    Caleb's past: Caleb grew up in a family of overachievers. His mother is a successful doctor in Ughdarras, and his father is the mayor of Dahlin. His older brother has also always strived for perfection, trying desperately to be good enough for their parents. Caleb, you could say, was the black sheep.

    While Luka, Caleb's brother, was getting straight A's and competing on the debate team, Caleb was doing his best to keep his B average. Of course that didn't go over well with their folks, who had a strict "make us look like the perfect family or I will make you wish you had never been born" policy. Oftentimes Caleb went without food, and went to sleep with a bleeding, burning back. Overtime it became the norm, and though Luka continued to try to please his parents, Caleb sort of gave up.

    Caleb's present: At eighteen, Caleb is attending his last year at Redfern. He is newly settled, and has completely separated himself from his parents. He does not get along very well with his brother, who, though having settled years ago, still visits Dahlin for beatings. Instead, Caleb has found another way to cope.

    Caleb's past has turned him into somewhat of a charismatic monster. Over the years he learned to be quite the liar and is skilled in manipulation. It comes with the territory when you have to pretend everyday that your family life is perfect while you're staining the sheets with your own blood every night. He has a control issue, and does not like to be beneath anyone.

    Caleb described in five words: charismatic, manipulative, obsessive, controlling, sociable

    Caleb's other half: Nougat

    Nougat is a lady

    Caleb & Nougat are played by Sam

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