Hollis Sebastian Wren

    Hollis Wren
    Hollis Wren

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    Hollis Sebastian Wren

    Post by Hollis Wren on Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:23 am


    HOLLIS looks an awful lot like DYLAN O'BRIEN

    HOLLIS' appearance: 5' 11", brown eyes, brown hair

    HOLLIS' past: Hollis grew up with only his mother, his birth was the result of a one night stand, so he doesn't know his father. When Hollis was born his whisp glowed black, meaning that one day he would take the place of the overloridian of Deilig. This would have been great news if the current overloridian hadn't been crazy. His mother feared for his life, so she and Hollis went into hiding. Once his whisp actually took on the form of an animal, it was a little easier to live a normal life, but his mother was always paranoid, so they moved around a lot. They currently reside in Dian because it's far away from Deilig.
    The fact that his mother is so protective gets on his nerves a lot of the time, but he understands why. He has never told anybody his secret, nor does he ever plan to. Although it annoys him, his mother's paranoia rubbed off onto him a little. His whole life he has dedicated to training. Weight lifting, fighting, sword fighting, archery, anything that could help him in self defense he's made himself learn. He's gone through life without getting caught, but he still wants to be prepared for if or when something happens.

    HOLLIS' present: Hollis still lives with his mother in Dian, and he still enjoys training and staying strong and fit. His favorite sport is archery, and he's pretty skilled with a bow and arrow. He is homeschooled, because his mother was too afraid to send him to Red Fern. Despite the life he leads, Hollis always tries to find humor in his situation. He likes to joke a lot, and even though some people find this demeaning, he's only doing it to help himself feel better about his situation. There are times when he can be serious, but he tries to avoid those when he can. Thinking about his future scares him, so he usually tries to live in the now. He's not sure when he'll become overloridian, but he prays it'll be soon. He's heard a lot of horrifying rumors about the current overloridian of Deilig and it scares him beyond belief.

    HOLLIS described in five words: ACTIVE, PARANOID, HUMOROUS, SMART, BRAVE

    HOLLIS' other half: JASMINE


    HOLLIS & JASMINE are played by Snowball

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