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    Post by Reid Lessing on Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:17 am

    Reid Raleigh Lessing 29x68sg


    REID looks an awful lot like: Anderson Weisheimer
    REID’s appearance: Light brown hair, blue eyes, about 5’10.

    REID's past: Reid’s parents were part of Amelia’s criminal underworld, specifically involved in black market trading. They began frequenting Shadow World in Deilig, due to the ability to make connections with very important clio. Reid therefore had a very unusual childhood. Rather than go to school or learn a trade, he was taught how to one day take over the family business.
    Unfortunately, working Amelia’s black market wasn’t the safest job in the world, and the Lessings made one too many enemies. They were attacked in Shadow World, and Reid’s parents were killed. However, before the attackers could kill Reid, the overloridian of Deilig had the attackers killed for causing a scene in his club. Not only was Reid’s life saved, but he was able to enjoy the death of his parents’ killers.

    REID's present: Reid was always incredibly grateful for what the overloridian did for him, even if he hadn’t actually done it for him, per se. He began to admire the overloridian for his intelligence and ruthlessness, and resolved to one day pay him back for what he had done for Reid. He’s managed to get by on his parent’s money and connections for the time being, but his real goal is to work for the overloridian.

    REID described in five words: devoted, loyal, determined, possessive, passionate

    REID's other half: Rory

    RORY is a lady

    REID & RORY are played by Sharn

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