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    Liam Pendant

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    Liam Nolan Pendant

    Post by Liam Pendant on Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:41 am

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    Liam looks an awful lot like Matt Cohen

    Liam's appearance: 6', blue eyes, almost black hair.

    Liam's past: Liam was born in Adhbhar, to loving parents. They were very supportive and always made sure that Liam was well rounded and happy. When Liam was three the family relocated to Cuir so that he could grow up in the Eilemaiden he would one day be in charge of. Liam grew up knowing he would become the Overloridian, and the old Cuir Overloridian was a great mentor to him. His parents taught him to be very level headed, and to not let his impending power go to his head.

    When Liam was ten, a family moved in next door to him. They had a daughter, Hope, that was a year younger than Liam. The two became quick friends and soon were inseparable. When Liam was thirteen, he finally told Hope that he was destined to become the Cuir Overloridian. He was shocked to find out that Hope, too, was born with a cyan colored whisp-daemon. The two realized that this meant that one of them would die soon after they settled.

    What could have created a rift between them, only made them closer. Liam started bringing Hope to his sessions with the previous Cuir Overloridian, and they learned together how to properly rule an Eilemaiden.

    Their eventual love grew out of a strong friendship, and deep understanding of each other. They started dating when Liam was fourteen. Though they knew eventual tragedy would strike, they couldn't keep themselves away from each other. They decided eventual heartache would not dampen the love they felt for each other.

    Liam always believed he would be the one to die, because he was a year older. But in his sixteenth year, Hope was the one to settle first. Their mentor of many years passed away peacefully, and Hope took over the role. Hope tried to push Liam away, so that he wouldn't have to deal with the pain of losing her. Liam never stopped loving her.

    Liam and Hope had two more years together, when Liam settled at eighteen. Hope died suddenly of a brain aneurysm.

    Liam's present: Liam currently lives in Cuir Clouds. It has been seven years since Hope's death, and he still visits her weekly to talk to her. Liam promised Hope to remain positive, and though he has tried, he has become a bit bitter towards the world. Though he has a lot of friends, he does not let anyone get too close or get to know him too deeply. His parents are still alive, and are very supportive and proud of their son. Sometimes they try to set him up on dates, but Liam always turns them down.

    Liam described in five words: patient, loving, reserved, generous, kind

    Liam's other half: Kyrie

    Kyrie is a lady

    Liam & Kyrie are played by Sam

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    Re: Liam Nolan Pendant

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