Lysander Zachary Sparkes

    Lysander Sparkes

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    Lysander Zachary Sparkes

    Post by Lysander Sparkes on Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:11 am


    LYSANDER looks an awful lot like MÅNS ZELMERLÖW

    LYSANDER's appearance: 5' 10", brown eyes, brown hair

    LYSANDER's past: Lysander was born to a poor, single, teenaged mother. His mother already had a child from another man, and making an incredibly hard decision, she brought baby Lysander to the orphanage. She thought he would be better off, and get adopted to a family that could take better care of him. However that was not the case. Lysander bounced around from one foster family to the next. The first family he was with, the Sparkes, had wanted to keep him. Sadly, Mr. Sparkes grew ill and passed away, and Mrs. Sparkes knew that she could never care for Lysander by herself, so with her heart already broken from the loss of her husband, Lysander was sent back to the orphanage at the age of five.
    Some of the familys he lived with were nice, some not so nice. He was never physically abused, but a lot of them either ignored him or on occasion forgot to feed him. He became a bit rebelious because of this. Either to get attention or just to get a kick out of it. His rebelliousness was usually the reason a family couldn't keep him anymore, either that, or he'd usually end up running away, only to be found again and sent back to the orphanage days later.
    It was a blessing when Lysander finally settled. He could finally be on his own, and never have to be with another foster family again.

    LYSANDER's present: Lysander currently lives in an okay apartment in Dahlin. Sometimes the roof leaks, and almost all the time the carpet smells like cabbage, because of the little resturant he lives above. The rent is cheap, but only because he works as a dish boy there. When Lysander was younger, he never use to care about where he really came from, but curiousity got the best of him. He visited the orphanage that he came to dislike and got his paperwork. He didn't think he was going to seek out his mother until he saw her place of residence. Living with the Overloridian of Earalas and she still didn't have the decency to at least have a nanny raise him! Anything would have been better than what his real life was like.
    Now that he knows the truth he plans on meeting his biological mother, and sucking her dry for all the funds she has. He deserves it anyway.
    Lysander doesn't really have any hobbies, other than working or getting into trouble, but he does enjoy writing during his free time.


    LYSANDER's other half: LAYLA

    LAYLA is a HER

    LYSANDER & LAYLA are played by SNOWBALL

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    Re: Lysander Zachary Sparkes

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