Joel David Angelo

    Joel Angelo

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    Joel David Angelo

    Post by Joel Angelo on Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:08 am

    deilig | twenty-five | man

    JOEL looks an awful lot like Ollie Loudon

    JOEL's appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, 6’0.

    JOEL's past: Joel was born and raised in Deilig. His mother was a stay-at-home-mom, and his father worked for the overloridian. His father was a quiet, secretive man who never shared too much about what his job actually entailed with his wife or children. His mother was a kind woman, if a little old-fashioned. The family made a modest income and never wanted for much.

    Joel was homeschooled due to his parents disagreeing with the “values” taught at Redfern, as well as out of a desire to keep him in Deilig, away from the influence of other kids who might sway him towards something different. Therefore it was no surprise when Joel settled and chose the shadow eilemaiden, as it was what he knew best.

    Once he settled his father became more open to him about his work, even letting him help with things and promising to get him a similar job one day. Joel was happy with this, as he’d always looked up to and admired his father. Joel never fully understood what his father was getting him into until he was in way to deep over his head.

    JOEL's present: Just as he promised, Joel’s father got him that much anticipated job working for the overloridian. Little did Joel know that his job description would involve pretending to work for while secretly spying on another overloridian. Though a little bit uncomfortable with the assignment, Joel knows he should be honored to be trusted with such an important matter. Not to mention, refusal isn’t exactly an option.

    JOEL described in five words: Serious, reserved, impatient, repressed, stubborn

    JOEL's other half: Ampersand

    AMPERSAND is a lady.

    JOEL & AMPERSAND are played by Sharn

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    Re: Joel David Angelo

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    congratulations ! you've settled as a

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