Katina Kassidy Kimball

    Katina Kimball

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    Katina Kassidy Kimball

    Post by Katina Kimball on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:50 pm

    ughdarras | seventeen | lady

    Katina looks an awful lot like Cheyenne Kimball

    Katina's appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'7" tall.

    Katina's past: Katina was raised under a somewhat cold upbringing. Her parents, being successful business clio, didn't have time to raise a child, and as such most of her rearing was actually done by several nannies employed by her family. Her parents showed their love by throwing copious amounts of gifts and money her way.

    Katina lived without structure or consequences as she grew up, and learned that she only needed to whine to get her way because none of the adults in charge of her had time for her crying.

    Katina's present: Currently Katina lives in Lilycove, with her parents and nannies in an ornate mansion. She is in her last year of homeschooling, but once she graduates she will be expected to marry Evan Keyes, the son of Lilycove's mayor. The arrangement was made to keep up appearances of the two wealthy and influential families, and the children weren't necessarily given an option.

    Katina described in five words: demanding, entitled, outspoken, intelligent, passionate

    Katina's other half: Weston

    Weston is a boy

    Katina & Weston are played by Sam

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    Re: Katina Kassidy Kimball

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    congratulations ! you've settled as a

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