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    Jackson Levis

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    Jackson Theodore Levis

    Post by Jackson Levis on Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:26 am

    cuir | twenty one | male

    Jack looks an awful lot like Nathaniel Buzolic

    Jack's appearance: 6'0, sandy hair, green eyes.

    Jack's past: Jackson grew up with a loving family. He was adopted as a baby and has two younger sisters that were also adopted from the Flint Orphanage. His parents both work in Earalas as dentists, and growing up Jack was pushed to enter the medical field as well. He was never interested in it, however, and was glad his sisters loved science enough to take the spotlight off him.

    Jackson and his sisters all attended Redfern while growing up. While there, Jackson found a love for music. When it came time to choose an eilemaiden, he chose Cuir so that he could more easily play the woodwind instruments. He learned how to play every instrument he could get his hands on. He focused on the more popular ones like the guitar, but in his spare time (though he didn't often admit it) he preferred softer instruments like the flute.

    After graduation Jack moved to Cuir where he pursued a career as a musician. He had a difficult time getting started, but soon found a group of clio that shared his passions. The four started a band and began playing gigs around Cuir.

    For a year the band traveled around Cuir, living the life of small town rock stars. Their popularity was growing considerably when Jackson's accident happened.

    Jack's present: Jackson currently lives in Earalas with his parents. Though they are dentists, they have many friends in other medical fields. He is currently receiving the best medical care Earalas has to offer, and attends therapy every Wednesday at the most renown therapy center.

    Throughout his life, Jack had always been very happy go lucky and without a care in the world. He worked hard at his passions, but many other things fell to the wayside. After the accident, Jack has had to come to terms with the fact that not everything in life is going to be what he wants it to be. It has come as a bit of a hard realization, and Jackson hasn't necessarily dealt with it in the best way.

    His once excitable attitude has dulled considerably, and he has become much quieter and more critical of the world. He is very bitter about his situation, and comes off as harsh where he used to focus on making others smile. The fact that his band members haven't reached out to him in months has not helped the situation.

    Jack described in five words: cynical, frivolous, perceptive, apathetic, creative

    Jack's other half: Hazel

    Hazel is a lady

    Jack & Hazel are played by Sam

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