Aspen Amadeus Flint

    Aspen Flint

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    Aspen Amadeus Flint

    Post by Aspen Flint on Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:39 am


    ASPEN looks an awful lot like DYLAN MCDERMOTT

    ASPEN's appearance: 6', blue eyes, black hair

    ASPEN's past: Aspen comes from a big family. His parents are Quinn and Mewbry Flint. There are actually too many family members to name. Aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and sisters. He grew up in Solas. Aspen was always closest to his grandfather, Quinn. Quinn was the Overloridian of Ughdarras, and when Aspen was born, his wisp was glowing blue, indicating that he would eventually take the place of his grandpa. When Quinn realized this, he took Aspen under his wing and taught him all the things Aspen would need to know about ruling an Eilemaiden. When Aspen's grandfather died from a disease similar to MS, he was devastated. He felt that it was his fault his grandfather died, even though his family assured him that it wasn't. Now that he's older, Aspen understands that it wasn't his fault Quinn died, but he still thinks about him from time to time.

    ASPEN's present: Aspen is the Overloridian of Ughdarras, and that is also where he resides. He lives in the same home his grandparents owned before they passed away. Aspen doesn't really have a lot of close friends, but a lot of clio that he enjoys the company of from time to time. He enjoys reading, taking walks, and his duties as an Overloridian. Other than his vast list of family members, Aspen lives alone and has no children. When he was younger, he was married, but his wife, Anna, died suddenly and unexpectedly, taking their unborn child with her. After a very long period of mourning, Aspen tried to date again, but none of the women he dated could fill the void that was his broken heart. They were all nice, yes, but none of them could ever replace his Anna.

    ASPEN described in five words: LEADER, KIND, SMART, BRAVE, COLLECTED

    ASPEN's other half: KELDA

    DAEMON is a LADY

    ASPEN & KELDA are played by Snowball

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    Re: Aspen Amadeus Flint

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