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    Lincoln Weiss

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    Lincoln Amanda Weiss

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    LINCOLN looks an awful lot like Benthe de Vries

    LINCOLN's appearance: Linc has short brown hair, blue eyes, and is about 5'4.

    LINCOLN's past: Lincoln was born into a big family of over-achievers. Her parents and two older siblings have always been talented, ambitious, successful clio who could achieve anything they set their minds to. Linc, on the other hand, was more on the average side. While she was never downright stupid, she never excelled in the way the rest of her family did with ease. This always made her a bit of a disappointment to the family, and she was always on the receiving end of a lot of criticism.

    Eventually she just gave up trying to live up to the lofty goals of her family, and stopped caring about things like school and grades and getting a prestigious career. She quit school as soon as she settled, moved into the first apartment she could afford, and worked whatever odd job she could find before getting fired and moving on to the next one.

    LINCOLN's present: Lincoln lives on her own in an apartment in Earalas. She just sort of drifts from job to job, never caring enough about the work to stick with one for long. She usually gets fired for either not showing up or disrespecting the managers. She's got a few friends here and there but no one super close.

    In her free time she enjoys getting high and doing art, usually ceramics and glassmaking. She doesn't consider herself especially good at it, but she enjoys it and has occasionally managed to sell her work for some decent cash.

    LINCOLN described in five words: creative, insightful, independent, brazen, irreverent

    LINCOLN's other half: Cedar

    CEDAR is a lady

    LINCOLN & CEDAR are played by Sharn

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    Re: Lincoln Amanda Weiss

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