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    Pia Sephora Lovison

    Post by Pia Lovison on Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:05 pm

    solas | twenty one | lady

    Pia looks an awful lot like Ulya Trukhina

    Pia's appearance: blonde, blue eyes, 5'8"

    Pia's past: Pia lived a relatively normal existence for the first seven years of her life. She had a mama and a papa, Selene and Peter, and an older sister named Petra. They lived in a small but comfortable two story house, with a yard big enough for the sisters to play in. She got along well with everyone in her family, especially her big sister Petra, who was obviously her hero.

    Then, as is wont to do on Amelia, tragedy struck. While spending the night at the neighbors, Petra was kidnapped along with the other girl that lived there. Suddenly, Pia’s life changed. Overnight, her carefree life became tumultuous, and though her parents searched high and low for the missing piece to their family, resolution never came. At seven, Pia didn’t understand what was happening, and most of the next few months came as a blur. She didn’t understand why her sister was suddenly gone from her life, and couldn’t comprehend why her parents were constantly crying and worrying.

    The case stayed open for almost a year, after which the police force of Ughdarras finally told the family that it was safest to assume that Petra had been killed. It was then that the family truly unraveled. Selene, having no one else to turn to, decided she would take matters into her own hands. She started training to join the police force, and soon was a licensed cop. Peter opted to work from home, hiring several private investigators and quickly draining the family’s savings. Needless to say, Pia was pushed to the back burner as all free time was spent searching for their missing daughter. Even as the searching slowed, as the few leads they felt the Ughdarras police force hadn’t covered thoroughly enough thinned, Pia was still constantly forgotten.

    She knew her parents loved her because they refused to let her leave the house unsupervised, not even to play in the yard. She was no longer allowed to go to her friend’s houses to play, and when it came time for her to go to school they opted for home schooling. Pia ended up teaching herself mostly, though, because her parents didn’t quite have the time.

    Eventually, Peter ended up committing suicide, on the eighth anniversary of Petra’s kidnapping.

    Pia's present:
    Pia is not close with her mother, though she was once upon a time. She has grown to resent her situation, for obvious reasons, and hates seeing what her mother has become. She grew up feeling a lot of guilt over how she wanted her parents to just stop looking and accept what the police had told them, but she couldn’t help wishing they would pay attention to their daughter that was right in front of them.

    Currently Pia teaches at Redfern, where she tries to live a normal life. She doesn't remember much of her sister, which also makes her feel guilty. What she remembers most is the pain of having her family fall apart.

    Pia described in five words: amiable, pessimistic, reserved, protective, paranoid

    Pia's other half: Fray

    DAEMON is a dude

    Pia & Fray are played by Sam

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