Eleanor "Nora" Rachel Levis

    Nora Levis

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    Eleanor "Nora" Rachel Levis

    Post by Nora Levis on Sat Oct 18, 2014 4:08 pm


    NORA looks an awful lot like Amber Heard

    NORA's appearance: Nora is about 5'5", with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    NORA's past: After the untimely death of her biological parents, Nora was adopted as a young child by the Levis family, joining two other adopted children as well. Her parents were very loving clio and the family never wanted for much. Nora doesn't remember her biological parents.

    In school she was strongly encouraged to pursue a career in science, and dutifully chose medicine as her field. While she did enjoy it and formed a passion for it, she was often forced to neglect her social life in order to meet the demands of a difficult career track. She couldn't help but feel a little resentful of her choice, especially when her brother seemed to be able to balance his passion (music) and social life effortlessly.

    Luckily, her hard work did pay off, and she wound up being accepted into a medical program after graduating. She moved out of the house and began studying neurology.

    NORA's present: Nora is still studying medicine, but she recently moved back in with her parents. She claimed it was due to money troubles, but in reality she wanted to be closer to her brother, who also had to move back home after suffering a terrible accident. She was more worried about his mental state than physical, though, having noticed the deep depression he'd fallen into.

    NORA described in five words: compassionate, bossy, hard-working, impatient, unflappable

    NORA's other half: Selwyn

    SELWYN is a boy

    NORA & SELWYN are played by Sharn

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    Re: Eleanor "Nora" Rachel Levis

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