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    Kole Salvador Roden

    Post by Kole Roden (deceased) on Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:09 pm


    KOLE looks an awful lot like MICHAEL FASSBENDER

    KOLE's appearance: 6', grey eyes, brown hair

    KOLE's past: Before Kole was even born, his father had left his mother for another, younger woman. When he was born, his wisp glowed a black color, but his set-in-stone future did nothing to improve his life as a child. He grew up in the poorer part of Dahlin, and his mother sold drugs and prostituted herself for money. He was never very close to his mother, in fact he always thought her to be weak and stupid. She would tell him she was doing it for him, but he believed she was doing it because she wasn't smart enough to get a real job.
    The young clio Kole knew from the streets always made fun of him because of his useless mother. It made Kole resent and detest her even more. He would never admit it out loud, but he knew he needed her until he was old enough to go on his own. So one day, Kole lead the children in an alleyway, and beat the leader of the group to death. Ever since then, the children of Dahlin learned to never cross Kole again.
    When Kole was sixteen, his mother kicked him out for attacking one of her "clients." Homeless and nowhere else to go, he found himself at the home of the Deilig Overloridian. He explained to them that he had been kicked out, and needed a place to stay. The foolish Overloridian took Kole into their home. That same night, as the Overloridian slept, Kole crept into their room and wrapped his hands around their neck. Before they died, Kole made sure they looked him in the eye, and that was how Kole finally became Overloridian.

    KOLE's present: Kole is the Overloridian of Deilig, and currently lives there. He runs an underground mob-type thing, and his headquarters are underneath the night club in Kingdom Deilig. Only his Elite are allowed in his twisted little club house, and if a stupid clio drunkenly wanders, they'll lose their life. Kole is a horrible clio, but when he's around his followers or the other Overloridians he puts on a mask. He's very two-faced in this matter. One day, Kole would like to rule all of Amelia. He just has a lot to do before that can happen, but he's determined.
    Other than his estranged mother and MIA father, Kole has no family. He hates women, and the only time he associates himself with them is when he either has to or needs to get off.
    Kole prefers to be alone, if only to plot more.


    KOLE's other half: BRIAR


    KOLE & BRIAR are played by Snowball's CT

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    Re: Kole Salvador Roden

    Post by Admin on Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:16 pm

    congratulations ! you've settled as a
    RAVEN !

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