meet the parents :: nils && sommersalsulami fam

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    Re: meet the parents :: nils && sommersalsulami fam

    Post by Paisley Sommers on Wed Nov 05, 2014 6:53 pm

    "Well I hope you don't expect Paisley to do it for you," Bowen laughed, knowing full well Paisley's estate had a full kitchen staff, anyways. "She'll burn water if you don't remind her to take it off the flame."

    Paisley rolled her eyes. "We can't all be masters in the kitchen," she told her dad, popping another bite of the pie into her mouth. "Some of us have more important things to worry how much water a senna plant gets!" She winked over at Nils, who had chosen the beautiful, yellow flowering plant as his most recent favorite. Paisley thought it suited him--the soft yellow petals were rounded and grew in bundles on the large, leafy plant.
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    Re: meet the parents :: nils && sommersalsulami fam

    Post by Nils Selway on Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:57 pm

    "I doubt I'd be any better," Nils said to Bowen, regarding his comment about Paisley's cooking skills. Of course he was sure Paisley couldn't be that bad. She didn't seem like she could be bad at anything.

    Miranda shook her head with a laugh. "Can't remember a recipe to save her life, but she knows how to take care of every plant in Amelia," she said. She didn't even know what a senna plant was. Paisley always pointed out the different flowers in her vast garden during their visits, but there were so many it was impossible to remember them all.

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