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    Aran Sawyer

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    Aran Joss Sawyer

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    ARAN looks an awful lot like Ehren Dorsey

    ARAN's appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'11.

    ARAN's past: Aran was born to a poor young girl living in the slums of Stonecraft. Her father never knew she existed. Aran and her mother lived in a small, run-down apartment, while her mother performed odd jobs to pay the rent and, when they could afford it, buy food. Then, when Aran was eight, her mother left for work and never came back. To this day Aran has no idea if she was intentionally abandoned, or if something more sinister happened to her mother.
    Aran joined up with a group of kids living on the street who survived through stealing, begging, whatever they could do. Aran took up a masculine persona to gain more respect, keeping her hair short and wearing boys’ clothes. At one point she fell in love with a close female friend in their group, but nothing could ever come from it due to the friend’s incompatible orientation.
    After settling early at fifteen, Aran learned how to fight with her Eilemaiden to defend herself and the rest of her group. She developed a reputation and started getting jobs as hired muscle for dealers and the like. Eventually she was approached by a man who introduced her to an underground, illegal fighting ring where she could earn money. She excelled as a fighter, but not without earning a few enemies.

    ARAN's present: Aran decided to get out of her life of poverty and start making an honest living. Due to her only job experience being beating people up, she figured bodyguard work would be they way to go, as there was always a demand for bodyguards among the richer population of Amelia. And she’s got her sights set high; working for an overloridian.
    Despite having no formal education, Aran loves to read and is fascinated by random knowledge. She is especially interested in learning about the human body, after reading that the heart and other muscles were controlled by electricity. She’s also been capable of putting this knowledge to use, such as using her Eilemaiden to stimulate her muscles and control her heart rate, among other things.


    ARAN's other half: Gamma

    GAMMA is a female.

    ARAN & GAMMA are played by Sharn.

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