Alicia Marybeth Kinamore

    Alicia Kinamore

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    Alicia Marybeth Kinamore

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    Alicia looks an awful lot like Tavi Gevinson

    Alicia's appearance: Alicia is 5'3, with chin-length blonde hair and green eyes.

    Alicia's past: Alicia's parents were never married, and her father didn't stick around to help raise her. Her mother, Anna, had suffered from a disease in her earlier years that robbed her of her sight. As a result Alicia learned things like reading braille from her mom, while learning how to read print from some friendly ladies who worked at the Dahlin library. Alicia and her mom lived above a small restaurant, where Anna worked as a cook. They never had a lot of money, but they had enough to get by. Alicia was able to attend Redfern Academy on a scholarship, where she focused her studies on history and literature.

    When Alicia was a teenager and newly settled, her mom died unexpectantly. Alicia quit school out of grief, and wound up completing her studies outside of Redfern. Unfortunately there wasn't much of a job market for students of history and literature, so Alicia wound up working at the Dahlin library where she had learned to read as a child.

    Alicia's present: Alicia was still working her low-paying job at the Dahlin library when she learned of a potential opportunity. The overloridian of Earalas, who had fairly recently gone blind, was looking for help at his estate. Alicia figured that knowing braille was a skill he might find useful in a worker, so she decided to take a chance and apply for a job. Her chance paid off and she was hired into a prestigious position.

    In her free time, Alicia loves cooking and reading. While she doesn't have much direct experience in politics, she is quite well-read and knows a lot of Amelian history, which she hopes will serve her well in her new job.

    Alicia described in five words: Naive, resourceful, perfectionist, energetic, friendly

    Alicia's other half: Nimbus

    Nimbus is a boy

    Alicia & Nimbus are played by Sharn

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    Re: Alicia Marybeth Kinamore

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