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    Connor looks an awful lot like Nico Totorella

    Connor's appearance: 6'2", brown hair, gray eyes. He doesn't shave often, and is usually seen with a bit of scruff on his face.

    Connor's past: Connor was born and raised in Solas, where his parents still live. He has a twin sister, Caylee, who he is close with. They both attended school at Redfern Academy, and made plenty of friends. After school they all went their separate ways, the twins included (as Caylee returned to Solas, while Connor opted to move to Nadar), but he still keeps in contact with them and they get together whenever possible.

    Connor's present: Currently Connor works at a greenhouse in Nadar. He has plans to eventually move to the Island of Annerb to open a farm, but chose to spend time in Nadar to intern and learn about plants. He lives a quiet life, passionate about his work, but not about much else. He's very mild mannered, but sometimes doesn't care enough about things he should. That said, he's very sure of himself, and doesn't seem to think anything can really go wrong. He doesn't have a heavy income, so though he'd like to visit his family more, he can't afford to.

    Connor described in five words: passionate, gentle, secure, passive, steady

    Connor's other half: Harper

    Harper is a lady

    Connor & Harper are played by Sam

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