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    MAX looks an awful lot like BRUNO FABRE

    MAX's appearance: About 6' 1", slender but athletic build, darker skin complexion, kinky black hair, dark black-brown eyes

    MAX's past: Max grew up in Earalas, with his loving and supporting parents, his younger brother Paydon, and his older half sister Paisley. He got along well with both of his siblings, but he always felt closer to his younger brother. Part of it had to do with the age different between him and his sister, but it also had to do the fact that Paisley was destined to be the next Overloridian of Nadar. While Paisley was busy learning about how to become a ruler, Max was playing games with Paydon. Max always felt as if he were living in his sisters shadow. Clio would always say, "Oh, you're a Sommers? Are you related to the Overloridian?" or "How's your sister?" or "What's it like having a famous clio as a sister?" Because of this, Max has always been somewhat of a perfectionist when it came to sports and school, so that he could be his own clio, instead of "Paisley Sommers' younger brother." That all being said, as soon as Max was old enough to throw a ball he immediately was enrolled in every sport he could get into. Although he's always been partial to baseball, Max was always in some sort of sport depending on the season. Because of this, Max was always the popular kid. Always getting invited to every birthday party, always getting picked first to play on the team, even the adults loved him. However, he still never felt good enough.

    MAX's present: Now Max resides mostly at Redfern Academy, but does come home to Earalas during breaks and occasional weekends. He's a good student and still tries to be the best at everything. Sometimes he can get a little obsessive and it worries his family. He doesn't understand their worries though, he's just trying to be the best he can be. Max is still popular amongst his peers, and sometimes he lets this get to his head a little bit. He can sometimes be a little bit of a bully to the less popular kids, but he immediately regrets it soon after. He sometimes feels lost, and doesn't know who he is as a clio. He doesn't want to lose his popularity, but he hates himself for picking on others. Deep down Max is a very caring clio, and he just wants to be liked for who he is, not for what he is.


    MAX's other half: PIPER


    MAX & PIPER are played by SNOWBALL

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