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    things to do

    Post by Paisley Sommers on Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:02 pm

    -kole dies (rescue crew) [in which amerie is rescued] [in which Holli$ settles]

    -i'm pragnate (carter, skye, mar) [in which her friends are shook'd n skared]

    -we r pregernaté (carter, caleb) [in which he is a controlling douche]

    -nice to meet u (skye, max) [in which they reunite]

    -we r so in luv (skye, max) [in which they r emotional teens]

    -will u marry me (nilsley) [in which she says yes]

    -amelia has dramatic parties (overloridian co) [in which solas is absent] [in which we have some cheaters] [in which we have two engagements] [in which we have a babby]

    -we r so in luv pt 2 (skye, Holli$) [in which they r emotional teens]

    -halp (mar, skye) [in which skye asks for advice] [in which emotions n crying ensue]

    -babby lovin (hamy n mollie) [in which they are parents]

    -we r so breaking up (skye, max) [in which skye admits her cheaterlyness]

    -kiss me, plz (skye, Holli$) [in which it is no longer cheating]

    -thnk u (amerie, aran) [in which she speaks]

    -surprise! (skye, mar, carter)[in which they throw her a surprise babby shower]

    -wedding bells and goodbye (nilsley and guests) [in which there is much happiness] [in which we leave TAR behind]

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