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    CD - Character description. Exactly what it says on the tin.

    CT - Character tracker. Keeping track of what user plays what characters.

    Clio - The name of the people who inhabit Amelia. Synonymous with "human" or "person."

    Daemon - A clio's soul, which exists as an animal; before a clio settles, they can change their form to fit any animal; after a clio settles, the daemon settles as well into a single animal form that represents the clio's personality. Daemons are bound to their clio and can't move more than about fifteen feet away from them.

    Eilemaiden - The elemental powers that every clio possesses. Unsettled clio can use each eilemaiden weakly. Settled clio can use a single eilemaiden, and skills vary from clio to clio. Overloridians tend to be extremely gifted with their eilemaidens. [See additional section below]

    Overloridian - The leader and (usually) strongest clio of each eilemaiden. They are chosen by "fate" when they are born and present with a colored whisp. They don't officially become the overloridian until they settle, at which point the old overloridian will die.

    Settle - When a clio "comes of age" it is referred to as settling. A settled clio can choose a single eilemaiden to wield and their daemon takes a permanent form. Clio are considered adults once they settle, which can occur anywhere from 15 to 20 years old. The average age to settle is 17.

    Unsettled - The term for a clio who has not settled yet. Unsettled clio can wield every eilemaiden, albeit extremely weakly. Their daemon can take any form. Unsettled clio are considered minors.

    Whisp - When a clio is still a baby, their daemon takes the form of a golden whisp before they develop a personality and the daemon takes on animal form. Overloridians are born with whisps that are colored to match their future eilemaiden, i.e. blue for Ughdarras, red for Earalas, etc.


    The Eilemaiden

    Adhbhar - The earth eilemaiden. Clio who choose Adhbhar can control stones, soil, mud, sand, and even crystals.

    Cuir - The air eilemaiden. Clio who choose Cuir can control the air and wind, and they can fly. (Note - flying can be as tiring to a clio as running.)

    Deilig - The dark eilemaiden. Clio who choose deilig can control their shadows and make them corporeal. They can also control their daemon's shadows, making them corporeal and altering their shape. They can also see in perfect darkness.

    Dian - The metal eilemaiden. Clio who choose Dian can control any kind of metal. This includes the obvious ones such as iron and steel, as well as some lesser known ones like mercury, lithium, potassium, etc. A skilled Dian user can even melt certain metals down to molten liquid.

    Earalas - The fire eilemaiden. Clio who choose earalas can control fire. Earalas wielders need a source to control fire from, but that source can be something as tiny as a spark. Earalas wielders also cannot be burned or hurt by fire.

    Nadar - The nature eilemaiden. Clio who choose Nadar can control all forms of plant life. While they cannot make a plant grow from nothing, they can control any and all existing plants in the area.

    Solas - The lightning eilemaiden. Clio who choose Solas can control electricity and lightning. Solas wielders can generate electric currents and fields. They cannot create lightning, but they can control it during a storm.

    Ughdarras - The water eilemaiden. Clio who choose Ughdarras can control water in any state; gaseous, liquid or solid. They can change the state of water, i.e. freezing it, melting it, evaporating it or even subliming it. Ughdarras wielders can also breathe under water and cannot drown.

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