Nicholas "Nils" Adrien Selway

    Nils Selway

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    Nicholas "Nils" Adrien Selway

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    NILS looks an awful lot like Marlon Teixeira

    NILS' appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, 6'0.

    NILS's past: At age seven, Nils and his older brother Henri were kidnapped by criminals who belonged to a less-than-savory part of Amelian society. The criminals essentially used them as slaves, and forced the brothers to make money for them in any way possible. They ended up having to resort to crime, theft and even prostitution to make enough money, because if they didn’t meet their captor’s quotas, they would be heavily punished.
    As they got closer to settling, they began to plot an escape. They started hiding away excess cash and planned out ways to use their future Eilemaidens to fight if necessary. Ten years after being kidnapped, they managed to escape.

    NILS's present: Nils and Henri never stay in one place for too long, as they know that their captors are still looking for them. They get by on odd jobs and the occasional petty crime. Nils has had a harder time than his brother adjusting to their situation, and has some self-esteem and anxiety issues. He’s usually ready to bolt at the first sign of trouble. He likes the company of other people and can be perfectly friendly, but can also be distrustful and (understandably) secretive which makes any kind of meaningful friendships difficult.
    Nils is a bit of an escapist, constantly day-dreaming and coming off as a little bit spacey. He tends to ignore problems or pretend they don’t exist in favor of imagining a better life, as long as said problems don’t pose an immediate threat. He has denial down to an art form. He also finds writing to be therapeutic and keeps a journal filled with random thoughts.

    NILS described in five words: Anxious, cautious, avoidant, imaginative, absent-minded

    NILS's other half: TANITH

    TANITH is a female

    NILS & TANITH are played by Sharn

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    Re: Nicholas "Nils" Adrien Selway

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