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    Carter Lee

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    Carter Abegail Lee

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    CARTER looks an awful lot like EMILY RUDD

    CARTER's appearance: 5' 5", blue eyes, black hair

    CARTER's past: Carter grew up in a huge loving family. Being the oldest of six children, it was always her job to set a good example to her younger siblings. Because of this she became kind of like the motherly type. She and her family live on Martha's Vineyard, in order for the children to be close to the Red Fern Academy. Although she's attended Red Fern her whole school career, she's always found time to spend with her parents and siblings.
    When she started attending Red Fern, she met her three best friends for life, Jeanine, Marisol, and Skylar. They have always been inseparable from practically day one. Carter's family even joked that they had nine children.
    Carter has always been a good girl, and has usually been the voice of reason whenever Marisol wanted to do something crazy. Carter has a little bit of an adventurous streak though, and sometimes just can't help herself.

    CARTER's present: Carter is still currently living in the dorms of Red Fern Academy, and is roomies with Skylar. They live right across the hall from Marisol, who use to share it with Jeanine.
    On one fateful evening, the girls decided to sneak out to South Beach for a little late night swimming. Carter had thought it was a bad idea, but pushed the thought out of her head. While they were swimming, a rip tide sucked Jeanine away and she drowned. The girls were given a month off from school so they could grieve, but now returning to Red Fern has never been so hard in Carter's life. Although their relationship seems more strained, the three remaining girls are still best friends. It's going to take a lot of time for things to become normal again.

    Carter enjoys sports, and staying fit. She's a bit of a health nut and doesn't like eating greasy foods. She also enjoys spending time with her big family, reading, and singing. She would like to one day become a teacher of younger clio or own a day care center.


    CARTER's other half: WARREN

    WARREN is a MAN

    CARTER & WARREN are played by Snowball

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    Re: Carter Abegail Lee

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