Phoebe 'Fibi' Genevieve Kinder

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    Phoebe 'Fibi' Genevieve Kinder

    Post by Fibi Kinder on Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:11 am


    FIBI looks an awful lot like LENA DUNHAM

    FIBI's past: Fibi grew up as the youngest of four girls. It seemed that each girl had her own talent in one area or another, and for Fibi, it was difficult to find an identity for herself and to distinguish herself as an individual and not just Lana, Kate or Jill’s baby sister. Because of this, Fibi settled later than average, at 19. Fibi is a bold and friendly girl, though upon meeting her, it is clear that at least one gear isn’t turning quite the way it is supposed to, which leads to antics. Fibi is still very much affected by the time she spent in the shadows of her bright, shining sisters, and can sometimes feel like she needs to try harder to get the attention of others.
    She is a smart girl with a lot of passion, but can easily become misguided. Upon settling, she became determined to become as strong as she could be using her Eilemaiden, and to develop herself mentally. She is fiercely loyal and protective of those she surrounds herself with, and will go to great lengths to defend them, or herself.
    Also, Resting Bitch Face. Fibi has it.

    FIBI's present: Fibi currently resides in Deilig with her Daemon partner Samson and her older sister Jill and her Daemon, who is the closest in age to her at 24. She spends much of her time with her friends, enjoying the company of others over being by herself. She is the manager at Casa Nova’s, and loves the bustling atmosphere and old world charm of the building and location.
    In her alone time, she enjoys a private life where she focuses on her studies and keeping her mental and physical self healthy.
    Fibi is currently single and looking to have fun! ;) She is openly bisexual and comfortable with that.

    FIBI described in five words: EXTROVERTED, BOLD, QUIRKY, RECKLESS, LOYAL

    FIBI's other half: SAMSON

    SAMSON is a BOY

    FIBI & SAMSON are played by BECKY

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    Re: Phoebe 'Fibi' Genevieve Kinder

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