she gets my heart rate going [solange]

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    she gets my heart rate going [solange] Empty she gets my heart rate going [solange]

    Post by Fibi Kinder on Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:20 pm

    Not every day was gym day. Some days were errand days, some were work days, and some were Fibi sleeps in and does nothing days. But today was gym day. Up and out of bed early, Fibi took care of her morning routine and hit the gym. It was Hot Buns time. Today, she planned on working primarily on her endurance stamina, while working to keep her mind clear and focused on her shadowy Eilemaiden.

    Fibi’s small, curvy frame held a lot of power in her core, and she was stronger than she looked. But there was always room for better, and that was the point of gym day. After stretching, she hit the track armed with a towel and water bottle, and began to run at a moderately fast, but steady pace to build endurance and keep her heart rate up while Samson trotted behind her.

    On her third time around, a glint of something shiny silver caught her eye. Sword practice, Fibi thought to herself. I wonder if it’s Solange…? Fibi kept running and made another lap around the track before she caught sight of the wielder. “Solange!” She called out, waving. “Over here!”
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    she gets my heart rate going [solange] Empty Re: she gets my heart rate going [solange]

    Post by Solange Sterling on Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:51 pm

    Left, right, dodge, over, under, left...

    Solange was practicing with her trainer, Benji (who was originally provided by her threatening and mischievous older brother, but had grown to have a fun and relaxing relationship with Solange over the years) at full speed. Her eyes were on his weapon, her arm feeling her own sword as an extension.

    Beads of sweat flew from her braid as her body moved to the side to dodge and attack again. Benji was no longer teaching her -- Solange was an even match. They both held small smiles on their faces, though they came and went as their attention got lost in their rushed, yet concise movements.

    Solange's eyes darted from her opponent as she heard her name being yelled. It didn't take long to recognize that the voice had come from a friend, but it was long enough for Benji to get the upper hand. While she had been practicing with only one hand, she was forced to grab her sword quickly with the other as well to --


    Benji and Solange were staring at each other, inches apart, face-to-face with only their swords between them. Solange winked at him as her fully-metal prosthetic leg swooped underneath her and between his legs, pulling under his foot to pull him to the ground.

    "No fair!" he called, landing on his butt. Solange shrugged and adjusted her white (though drenched in sweat, it looked more gray) tank top, which left a little room for her stomach to be seen above her waist, where her dark blue short shorts took over.

    "I'll catch you later," she said, dropping the sword on the ground (it was his to practice with) and turning to jog in Fibi's direction. She caught up with her quickly, running beside her on the track. Anouk followed closely behind.

    "Hey Feebs," she said with a smile. "It's always nice running into you here."

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