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    The World of Amelia Empty The World of Amelia

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    Before you read this, you should check out the Amelia Glossary, which will give you a reference for some of the terms written about in this history.

    The World

    Amelia is a relatively tiny world, with its mainland being roughly the size of Texas. It houses roughly 100 million clio and their daemons across the mainland and it's four islands.

    Each eilemaiden has its own base. Each base can be compared to a country on Amelia. They each come with their own laws and regulations, and are run by their own overloridians. Seven of the eilemaiden bases are found on Amelia's mainland, and one is a island found off the eastern coast.

    There are also several neutral lands which fall under no specific rulings. Clio in these locations fall under the jurisdiction of the overloridian of their chosen eilemaiden, no matter where they live.

    There is one school for Amelia, and children between the ages of ten and eighteen attend. Parents may also elect to homeschool their children. Redfern Academy is located on one of the islands of Amelia, and as such is a far journey from most places of residence. Because of this the school is a boarding school. A few locals to Martha's Vineyard, the island that houses the academy, may choose to commute.

    Redfern offers athletic teams and classes, many of which are also played or taught on earth. As imagined, however, the school also offers things exclusively known on Amelia. An unsettled clio is expected to take a semester long class in each eilemaiden, and once settled they must take the following two classes in their chosen eilemaiden, if they have time.

    The year is 2099. Though Amelia takes place in the future, the world has very little technology. For example, there are no cars on Amelia. Instead, clio get around using air balloons powered by Cuir clio, horses, or boats.

    Information on Clio

    Clio on Amelia are born as humans are, but shortly after their birth a golden whisp appears. This whisp will eventually become their daemon, once the child becomes self-aware (usually around one or two years of age). While young, a clio's personality is malleable and fluid, much like a human. This is represented both in their eilemaiden, and in their daemon. Growing up, a child can weakly use all eight eilemaiden. A child's daemon, before settledom, can become any animal it wishes. This can range from something very small, to something extremely large. The daemon can change at will, at any time.

    Between the ages of fifteen and twenty (with either end of the spectrum being rare, and with an average of seventeen), a clio will settle. This means that both its eilemaiden and its daemon will become static.

    The clio of Amelia get to choose their eilemaiden, and may pick from whichever of the elements they would like. After they settle they no longer are able to wield any of the eilemaiden except their final choice.

    Unlike the eilemaiden, a clio does not get to choose their daemon's form. The daemon's final form will represent the clio's personality and the daemon will no longer be able to change form.

    Information on Daemons

    Daemon's personalities often compliment their clio's. They serve as the conscience of the clio, and often represent the innermost thoughts and feelings of the clio. Think of them as your inner voice that tells you what you are doing is stupid, or that talks you up when you are feeling down.

    A daemon's form represents their clio's personality. For example, a clio who is hardworking would have a form of an animal specie that is equally as fastidious. A shyer clio's daemon may take the form of an animal who is more recluse.

    A daemon's gender is often the opposite of their clio, but this is not always true. Daemons can also be genderqueer and not conform to any one label.

    The Leaders

    Each eilemaiden is run by an individual clio known as an overloridian. These overloridians are chosen by fate to rule each eilemaiden, exclusively. Technically each eilemaiden is a dictatorship, although not many overloridians think of themselves that way. An overloridian is naturally the strongest clio in the entire eilemaiden.

    Overloridians rule their eilemaiden until their death, at which point the succeeding overloridian will immediately settle. Fate takes care of making sure each eilemaiden is never without an overloridian, and also makes sure that there are never two settled overloridians in any one eilemaiden at any one time.

    An overloridian does not get to choose their eilemaiden, but are instead born with an unnaturally colored whisp that glows in accordance to their eventual eilemaiden's color.

    Star Pieces

    The star pieces are what give every clio on Amelia their eilemaiden. There are eight star pieces, each one giving power to the eight separate eilemaiden. The overloridians are in possession of their own star pieces. If a star piece was to be destroyed, the power of all clio registered as that eilemaiden would lose their abilities.

    In addition to giving every clio who chooses that eilemaiden their power, the star piece also amplifies power if a clio comes into direct contact with it. If a clio from a different eilemaiden comes into possession of a different star piece, that clio will have the power of both their chosen eilemaiden, as well as the power of the eilemaiden that star piece denotes.

    The Eilemaiden

    There are eight eilemaiden, each one representing a different element. These eilemaiden are not known by their element's name, but by a different assigned name.

    Once a clio settles and chooses their eilemaiden, they become immune to that element. For example, a clio that chooses Ughdarras, the water eilemaiden, will not be able to drown.

    The eilemaiden, in alphabetical order, are as follows:


    Amelian History

    Amelia was once a war-torn world, held apart by eilemaiden segregation. Clio of other eilemaiden were not allowed inside the other eilemaiden bases, and the neutral lands were full of crime. Over the past few generations this has become less common, and most eilemaiden bases have willingly opened their doors to others. It is now common for clio to engage in cross-eilemaiden relationships, and few have old prejudices.

    Like Earth, however, this is not always the case. Everyone is different, and on Amelia there still may be those who harbor old ideals.

    For a history and description of each individual eilemaiden, please visit the Amelia wiki linked at the bottom of this page.


    ALSO, link to the UNFINISHED Amelia Wiki is here.

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