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    Yuri Vetrov

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    Yuri Vetrov

    Post by Yuri Vetrov on Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:49 am


    YURI looks an awful lot like Yuri Pleskun

    YURI's past: Yuri was born to two infamous drug lords who practically ran the largest drug rings in Amelia at the time. By the time he was four, they had sold him to the highest bidder (which was pretty high in the black market, considering the celebrity status of his parents) for their own profits, never to contact him again.

    Yuri was tossed from place to place, used and sold and used again until he was seven, when he landed himself in an underground fighting ring. He made a name for himself, one that didn't rest on the notoriety of his parents (which at this point didn't hold up much, considering how often he was thrown around, most people didn't even know he was his parents' son). He was a natural-born fighter and could knock kids out that were three times his size. He was a scrawny kid, but he packed a powerful punch (and it helped that he fought incredibly dirty and cheated whenever he saw the chance).

    With his fighting abilities and his I-don't-give-a-damn attitude, many clio came looking for him in particular to do their dirty work. For a while, his clients were funneled through whoever owned him at the time,  but once he settled at an early fourteen, he killed the guy who owned him and started "freelancing" on his own.

    He was hired (without the client knowing who he was) to kill his parents when he was seventeen. He watched them die slowly and painfully, and enjoyed every minute of it. They deserved what they got...and honestly even if they didn't, he didn't really care. He didn't really care about much at that point.  

    YURI's present: Yuri is still finding clio to work for, though not really for the money. He's grown up without having to pay for a lot, and doesn't see much use in it. He mostly does it for something to do, and because he's good at it. He's created quite a name for himself by now, and has grown more fearless and heartless as he's gotten older. He jumps from town to town, but mostly resides in Deilig and underground markets.

    YURI described in five words: SNEAKY, COLD, RUTHLESS, DECEIVING, CRUEL

    YURI's other half: Vera

    VERA is a lady

    YURI & VERA are played by lookie

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    Re: Yuri Vetrov

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