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    Remy Monroe

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    Remy Elisabeth Monroe

    Post by Remy Monroe on Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:22 pm

    earalas | twenty-three | lady

    Remy looks an awful lot like Frankie Sandford

    Remy's appearance: 5'6", brown eyes, dark hair.

    Remy's past: Remy was born in Earalas to a teenage single mother. They didn't have much as she grew up, but her mom made sure that she was never in need of food or shelter. Even if that meant they were constantly moving around to avoid eviction for paying rent. Though her mother provided for her, they never had enough money to send her to school. As such, all she learned she learned from her mom. Some of the things she learned was how to steal and trick, although they always had reasons for the crimes they committed.

    When Remy was old enough she started working odd jobs to help out with the bills. They finally were able to afford rent and to stay in one place.

    Until she turned eighteen, things carried on this way. Then, suddenly, her mother got sick. Eventually it got so bad she was unable to work, which meant that the sole financial responsibility fell onto Remy. Suddenly, odd jobs were no longer enough. On top of rent and other living expenses, she also needed to pay for the hospital bills her mother was racking up.

    The next year, a new overloridian took over Earalas, and Remy got an idea. He was young--about her age--and would probably be looking for help around his estate. She went to apply, not really believing she would be, or expecting to be hired. Miraculously, after their meeting she left with a job as an adviser.

    Eventually, her mother died anyway, but Remy kept her job at Earalas because she had nothing better to do.

    Remy's present: At first, Remy didn't necessarily like Hadley. She had spent her entire life working towards a goal, and Hadley just had everything handed to him. On top of that, he played with everyone. She could respect being resourceful, since she had needed to do that her entire life, but Hadley was just playing games with clio for fun.

    Overtime Hadley has grown on Remy. She tries to talk sense into him a lot, but she also isn't angry with him like she used to be. They usually have a playful rapport, and actually get along most of the time.

    Her duties as an adviser take up most of her time, so she doesn't have many other friends besides Hadley and the other employees of Earalas. Despite their differences, Hadley is probably her best friend.

    Remy described in five words: resourceful, loyal, narcissistic, intelligent, opportunistic

    Remy's other half: Vex

    Vex is a sir

    Remy & Vex are played by Sam

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    Re: Remy Elisabeth Monroe

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