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    Amelia Walk-Through Empty Amelia Walk-Through

    Post by Admin on Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:56 am

    These 5 steps are mandatory for each new account/character you create. Besides these things, be sure to check out the rules and announcements if this is your first character.

    1. Create an account.
    Give the account your character's first and last names.
    Fill out all appropriate fields.

    2. Check out the Uber List.
    Make sure that your character name, daemon's name, and your play by aren't taken. You can do this by clicking CTRL + F on your keyboard, and then searching for each name.

    3. Create a Character Tracker.
    You will come back and edit this every time you create a new character so that everyone knows who you play. This also serves as an introduction board. Consider this your personal profile--add things about yourself, or your contact information if you wish.

    4. Fill out the Character Description form.
    After filling this out, wait for the admin to give your character a settled form. This is based on your character's personality.

    5. Once the admin has given you a settled form, post in the Character Claims forum.
    This will help the Admin add your new character to the Uber List so that no one else will take your character's name, daemon's name, and play by.

    6. Go to your profile and add in your daemon's form.
    This is so players you are RPing with will know what your character is settled as.

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