i'm a lot nicer than some of the others ;; amerie

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    i'm a lot nicer than some of the others ;; amerie

    Post by Aspen Flint on Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:44 am

    Aspen was in his office, waiting patiently for Amerie to stop by. He had been informed on her "week off" and had the strangest suspicion that she didn't come up with that idea on her own. The problem with her week off was that she was late on getting some important paper work to Ughdarras. She had sent Aspen a formal apology letter, but also mentioned that she wanted to meet with Aspen to personally apologize, and deliver the paperwork.

    "This poor girl," he said out loud, speaking to his daemon. "She needs a lot of help."

    Kelda nodded her wolfy head in agreement. "I just hope she hasn't been getting it from all the wrong places," she added.

    He reached over and grabbed the quill from it's bottle of ink and absentmindedly brushed the father along his lips and nose.

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