Petra Selene Lovison

    Petra Lovison

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    Petra Selene Lovison

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    PETRA looks an awful lot like Teya Salat

    PETRA's appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'6.

    PETRA's past: Petra, along with a number of other children from around Amelia, was kidnapped by a group of clio-trafficking criminals who steal children and raise them essentially as slaves, forcing them to commit crimes and make money. She always tried to rebel against her captors, resulting in beatings and other punishments. Eventually, she became friends with two of the other children, a pair of brothers. Together they all planned to escape.
    When the moment of truth came, the brothers were able to escape, but Petra was left behind in the chaos. She was punished severely for the attempt. For a while she thought the brothers would come back for her, but when they didn’t she became bitter and resentful.
    In the following years, she became resigned to her fate and accepted that she was with these clio for good. Using what she saw as the brothers’ betrayal, the clio were able to condition her into becoming loyal to them. After becoming loyal, she was able to climb in the ranks and become their peer instead of their captive.

    PETRA's present: Petra now works for the group that kidnapped her as an equal. She willingly engages in their criminal activities and gets to pocket some of the profits. She doesn’t deal with any new children who get brought in, claiming it’s because she hates kids, when in reality she was just never able to get comfortable with that particular aspect of the job. Instead she helps deal with some of the older clio, the finances, and threats to the organization.
    Recently, she was given the offer of taking a job that would not only protect the organization, but allow her to get revenge for being wronged in the past. The brothers had been spotted recently but managed to get away, and the organization wanted Petra to go after them. Petra agreed, excited for her chance to confront the traitors.

    PETRA described in five words: Vindictive, tenacious, cynical, focused, pragmatic

    PETRA's other half: Tasia

    TASIA is a girl.

    PETRA and TASIA are played by Sharn.

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    Re: Petra Selene Lovison

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