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    Ekavi Maxwell Samples

    Post by Ekavi Samples (deceased) on Wed Jul 30, 2014 3:38 am

    adhbhar | nineteen | male

    Kavi looks an awful lot like Xavier Samuel

    Kavi's appearance: 5'10", brown eyes, straw colored hair.

    Kavi's past: Kavi lives in Adhbhar where he was born and raised. His mother died when he was young but he and his older sister Arizona were raised by their father. He is very close to both of them.

    Kavi attended Redfern as he was growing up, but spent all summers and holidays with his family back in Adhbhar. When it came time for him to choose his eilemaiden, it was an easy decision. He chose the eilemaiden his family has been for generations, Adhbhar. Kavi met his eventual girlfriend, Neeva, while at school.

    Kavi's present: Currently Kavi lives in an apartment on the side of one of the mountains with his girlfriend Neeva, whom he has been dating for three years. Neeva owns a small jewelry business and the couple live above her shop. After graduation from Redfern, Kavi returned to Adhbhar to help his sister in the government. He currently serves as an adviser for Arizona.

    Kavi is very opinionated, which sometimes causes him to get in tiffs with his sister. They love each other very much, but sometimes Kavi doesn't agree with what his sister is doing as overloridian, and he isn't afraid to let her know.

    He can be a little tough to handle sometimes, because he can sometimes he can fly off the handle. That said, like his sister, he is very dedicated to his work and devotes a lot of time to it. He doesn't like wasting time and can become irritated if things get in his way.

    Kavi described in five words: passionate, quirky, impatient, opinionated, confident

    Kavi's other half: Ribbon

    Ribbon is a lady

    Ekavi & Ribbon are played by Sam

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