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    Skylar Lauren Eligius

    Post by Skylar Eligius on Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:31 pm

    unsettled | seventeen | lady

    Skye looks an awful lot like Barbara Palvin

    Skye's appearance: 5'2", blue eyes, auburn hair.

    Skye's past: Skylar has a very supportive, loving family. Her parents were very involved, and always made sure that Skylar and her twin sister felt protected and loved. She has a large extended family, but the notable clio are her parents, Eli and Lucy, her crazy Uncle Evan, and her identical twin sister Marisol.

    Skye and Marisol grew up in Dian where both of their parents were born, and their parents before them. Their mother was an artist, and Skye took after her. She and Lucy often painted together while the twins were growing up, and as a result she spent a lot of time with her mom. Lucy had a very carefree attitude that Skye picked up through the years. She lives in the moment and doesn't often think things through before she does them.

    When they were ten both girls moved to Martha's Vineyard to attend Red Fern Academy. There, they met Jeanine and Carter who were their roommates. The four of them were quickly inseparable.

    Skye's present: Currently Skye lives in room 404 at RFA, right across the hall from her sister. She has not yet settled, though her sister did. This has made her feel a little secluded, because all of her best friends, including her identical twin, have settled and she hasn't.

    Last month, while the four friends were swimming in the middle of the night, a current grabbed Jeanine's foot and pulled her under. The other three tried desperately to save her, but the current was too strong.

    Her body was found two days later on the coast opposite the channel, on Annerb Island.

    Since then, Skye, Mar, and Carter were on leave from school. The three recently returned to RF and are trying to adjust to life back on the island without one fourth of their quartet.

    Skye described in five words: intuitive, spontaneous, care-free, whimsical, artistic.

    Skye's other half: Pensive

    Pensive is a boy

    Skye & Pen are played by Sam

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