Paisley Jane Sommers

    Paisley Sommers

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    Paisley Jane Sommers

    Post by Paisley Sommers on Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:01 pm

    nadar | twenty two | lady

    Paisley looks an awful lot like Candice Accola

    Paisley's appearance: 5'5", blue eyes, blonde hair.

    Paisley's past: Paisley was born to a set of teenagers. Her mother was from Ughdarras, and her father from Earalas. The two tried to raise their daughter, but when Paisley was three months old they split. Her father took sole custody of her, and Paisley has been living with him ever since. As she was growing up, her mother visited on holidays, but Paisley never felt her absence, as her father gave her enough love for both her parents, and more.

    Paisley's father remarried when she was seven, and Paisley now has an amazing step-mother and two younger brothers. She calls her biological mother mom, as well as her step-mother.

    As Paisley grew up, she knew she would one day become the Overloridian, but was never too conscious of what that meant. When she was sixteen, she took over as the rule of Nadar, and had quite a job cleaning up what the old Overloridian had done to the Eilemaiden.

    She came to Nadar Isle to find that Erek, the previous Overloridian, had created border-protection preventing clio of other Eilemaiden from moving to the island. It was also a very difficult process to move off the island. Because of this, the Eilemaiden population of Nadar is considerably lower than the rest on Amelia.

    Paisley's present: Paisley currently lives on Nadar, but visits her family in Earalas quite often. Paisley is very popular with her clio, and she is seen as a very fair ruler. The Overloridian that preceded her was very stern and kept the Eilemaiden under strict laws and regulations. Paisley has loosened the laws considerably, and eliminated any border-protection. People of all Eilemaiden may live on Nadar Isle now, and there has been a big boom in population and businesses on the island are thriving.

    Paisley described in five words: spontaneous, adventurous, genuine, courteous, dairing

    Paisley's other half: Chevron

    Chevron is a gentleman

    Paisley & Chevron are played by Sam

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    Re: Paisley Jane Sommers

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