Quinn V Flint Harper

    Quinn V Harper

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    Quinn V Flint Harper

    Post by Quinn V Harper on Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:16 am

    earalas | twenty four | male

    Quinn looks an awful lot like Jensen Ackles

    Quinn's appearance: 6'1", blue eyes, sandy hair.

    V's past: V's real first name is Quinn V, but since he's the fifth, people call him V. His great, great grandpa was the first Quinn. His great grandpa was the second Quinn. His grandma was Quinnling, the first girl in the line of Quinns. And his dad was the fourth Quinn. His entire family is super loving and they were all really close. Most of his immediate and extended family lives in Solas, though there are a few of the older generations that still live in Ughdarras. V also has a great-uncle that happens to be the Ughdarras Overloridian, because that seems to run in his family, oddly.

    V has a lot of siblings. Four, to be exact. Three younger, triplet sisters (Davender, Daisy, and Dylan), and a baby brother named Cedar. It was great growing up with his sisters, and the four of them were best friends.

    V's present: To this day, V remains very family-oriented. He and his sisters are still very close, and he babysits baby Cedar once a week to give his parents some free time. V is now a teacher at Red Fern Academy over on Martha's Vineyard, which is where he lives. He's one of the teachers that lives at the boarding school.

    His job takes up a lot of his time, but he loves it. He is a coach for the running team on top of his teaching obligations.

    V described in five words: dedicated, passionate, energetic, impulsive, playful

    V's other half: Veil

    Veil is a girl

    V & Veil are played by Sam

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    Re: Quinn V Flint Harper

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