Marisol Emmeline Eligius

    Marisol Eligius

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    Marisol Emmeline Eligius

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    MARISOL looks an awful lot like Barbara Palvin

    MARISOL'S appearance: Auburn hair, blue eyes, 5'2.

    MARISOL's past: Marisol grew up with a loving family in Dian. She was always extremely close to her sister Skylar, and aside from the occasional argument has always gotten along well with her parents Eli and Lucy. She has a huuuuge extended family to the point where she doesn’t always remember all of their names, but is close with a select few of them.
    While her sister took after their artistic mother, Marisol took more after her father and became quite the tomboy. She always liked sports and the outdoors, and became something of a risk-taker. She developed a slight troublemaking streak. Nothing serious, just the occasional skipped class and late night party.
    Once she came to Redfern Academy with her sister, they both quickly became best friends with their roommates Jeanine and Carter and have been friends ever since.

    MARISOL's present: About a month ago, Marisol had the idea that her, Skylar, Carter and Jeanine should sneak out of their dorms and go swimming at night, despite the beach being closed and off-limits. The others were hesitant, but Marisol convinced them, insisting it would be fun.
    That night, Jeanine was pulled under the water and didn’t come back up. Marisol knew it was her fault, because she had convinced them all to go swimming despite the danger. She developed terrible guilt and self-loathing ever since, and has been pushing her friends, family and sister away out of grief.

    MARISOL described in five words: impulsive, thrill-seeking, a leader, adventurous, open-minded

    MARISOL's other half: Barbaro

    BARBARO is a male

    MARISOL & BARBARO are played by Sharn

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